About us


Founded in 2005!

Hermes is the only NCR Partner in Jordan, Iraq, and the west bank. offering unrivaled support for both hardware and software services. we will give you the features and benefits that you didn't even know existed.

With Hermes and NCR, you will feel safe with your decision, we're here to help make your lives easier.



Hermes teams have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the retail, financial, and hospitality industries.

we understand your business, and we're always improving to serve you better.

Hermes Mission

Our mission is to take consistent and effective action to move our business forward, grab the market share, and increasing our customer satisfaction. we aim at gaining at least 15 % growth in 2017.


we also aim at improving our support processes, for even faster response times. advancing our systems to simplify the support procedures on our customers. we are advancing every single day, to make our support and customer service a seamless and smooth interaction, with the latest technologies to make your lives easier.


we also aim at proving the effectiveness of our solutions by actually improving our clients' bottom line. as your success is our success.