"An open letter to anyone thinking of buying a POS machine...

"Finally After 135 Years... Introducing The Brand New NCR POS XR7... Beautiful, Luxurious, And Powerful!

"Its an absolute Steal! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity..."

"At Last! You can have the amazing might of NCR, that will lift your store to the next level. The great thing is if you order NOW you might just catch our CRAZY one time sale!"


Dear Friend,


if you are interested in buying a point of sale machine to replace an old one, or to buy a brand new one, then this will be the most exciting message you will ever read!


Here's why:

     The XR7 is the newest pos from NCR Corporation... it has been in the making for...

135 Years!


     Back in the 1895 Mr. John Patterson started the company National Cash Register- thats about the time cars where invented- arguably the first IT Company in the world. he was a true visionary - he was mentioned as one the greatest American Entrepreneurs to have ever lived- in the world famous book Think And Grow Rich.



     And today, we are announcing the result of all of the years from 1885 until 2017 poured into the making of the fabulous XR7!


The XR7 is the successful marriage of...


Brains And Beauty!



It's the perfect combination of stylish -new age- sleek design, and the intelligence of futuristic technology... that will give you the best image for your store and performance you can trust and rely on. 



Massive Discounts on the XR7 is only for the first 20 POS to be sold! Grab your POS before we run out!

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Allow me to explain exactly how the XR7 will catapult your business to the next level, just like NCR has been doing for-  thousand of companies- for more than a CENTURY!

  • Beautiful Zero Bezel Design, the NCR XR7 will be one of your stores main head turners.
  • intel core i3 (With 4th Generation chipset)
  • The intel 4th Generation intel core processor technology is an energy efficient powerhouse, which means less runnung cost.
  • the touch screen allows multi touch and gesture support (up to 10 fingers at once) makes using the NCR XR7 very easy, and will seem more natural to the cashier.
  • Improve your Brand Image, and have a lasting impression on your customers.
  • We Deliver the POS to you, wherever you are in Jordan (installation is also for free in Jordan)
  • Comes with 12 months warranty from factory defects.
  • This POS will save you space as it is small and compact.
  • If treated properly... you will not have to replace it for almost 10 years, most probably more! imagine how much money you will save!
  • you can put it anywhere you want... on the table, on a pole, on the wall, or on a pedestal by itself, to get customers to do some self service transactions. the sky is the limit!
  • includes windows 7 operating system.
  • Faster checkout; meaning no more long lines on the checkout, and happy customers! (this also means, that one item purchases are not lost due to long lines)
  • Water resistant, if a cashier dropped a drink on the POS, no problem and no need to buy a new one, it is absolutely 100% water proof
  • Remote Management Capabilities... allow you to remotely check on the machine's health (even reboot remotely!)
  • Highest lifetime on the market! (NCR even supports it 7 years after end of life/stops production)
  • Your customer will love that you care enough about your store, and that you appreciate technology and value.
  • Includes biometrics identification device, fingerprint device. this will lower theft from your store, and increase control
  • Supports up to 16GB DDR3, this means you can speed the device EVEN FURTHER! if you dare 😉
  • Industrial grade Rugged die-cast aluminum chassis, top quality components that will last you a very long time.
  • Enhanced security to help safeguard your valuable data from corruption, and from being lost.
  • Long life industrial grade LCD: LED backlight rated at 50K hours (to half brightness) more than 5 and a half years of running 24 hours a day to reach only half life. now thats quality!
  • Robust long-life hinges... Even the hinges are long life!
  • Vents are designed specifically to restrict intrusion of liquids and objects-like coins for example.
  • This point of sale comes with cable retention, meaning you can hide the cables for a clean look! this will help prevent cable damage and accidental disconnection. This will ensure years of trouble free operation.
  • local support is present to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and will respond in a flash!


who else has NCR?

just a small sample from hundreds of thousands of stores...

al fareed

we've made many bold statements, and now wed like to give you some proof on...


Why Is NCR The Best POS Brand?


     We'd like to ease your concern by sharing some facts about NCR Corporation:


  • NCR Has been in business for more than 135 years
  • NCR Completes 550 Million Transactions every day
  • NCR ATMs Deliver more than 62 million cash withdrawals everyday
  • 54,000 transaction around the world every second
  • John Patterson, one of the shapers of modern business... was featured in the world famous book think and grow rich.
  • NCR has sold more than 1.5 million terminals worldwide
  • NCR Invented the concept of a POS
  • NCR ranked #1 in retail self-checkout technology according to leading consulting firm
  • NCR has over 2,500 patents pending
  • NCR is a fortune 400 company
  • NCR is a public limited company with its stocks trading on the New York stock exchange
  • 6.37 Billion Dollars in revenue (and 1 billion goes straight to research and development)
  • John Patterson actually created the modern concept of corporate salesmanship, quotas, and commissions.
  • Over 830,000 of the world's 3.1 million ATMs are NCR machines.
  • The Biggest Banks around the world trust NCR with billion of dollars.
  • Harvard Business School Highlights NCR's Reinvention
  • NCR Recognized by forbes As one of America's Best employers
  • NCR Named the 7th Most Reputable Company in Technology by Reputation Institute
  • World-at-Work 2016 Work-Life Seal of Distinction
  • NCR is present in more than 152 countries



You might have thought that NCR is very expensive and you cant afford it, but for the limited stock we have in Jordan, we are promoting a huge discount on our-few- remaining machines. this is....


Your ONLY opportunity to get NCR XR7 point of sale at this crazy price!


we might get into big trouble for selling them at this hugely discounted price, but you're worth it!



"...I don't know why you would ever use another POS company"

–Jeffrey Bank, Chief Executive Officer at Alicart Restaurant Group and President of the NYC Hospitality Alliance

Call us now... and grab your Heavily discounted XR7 POS Today! Before we run out!