An open letter to retailers looking for the highest quality table-top Scanner...

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Almost 90% of Jordan's largest retailers operate their stores using the NCR Scanner.

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From the Inventors of Optical Scanning...

NCR Scanner 360

Dear Friend,


     As you know Scanners are one of the most important devices in the store... it controls the speed of your checkout.


     So if you get a better quality, faster, more advanced scanner, you will logically, get better qaulity, faster, more advanced checkout at your store.


     As many retailers already prove, it is the aspect they are willing to invest the most on, as it directly affects the productivity of their store.


     Imagine you had a scanner that was 20% better at reading barcodes than your current scanner. this means you will get a boost in productivity of at least that percentage.


     This is exactly what we are offering you today, you will see how-the NCR tabletop Scanner- will allow you to MASSIVELY boost your productivity!


This Extremely Special Price will end soon! Seize this once in a lifetime opportunity NOW!

Why would you buy the NCR scanner?

  • Boost your checkout speed, and go through customers in lighting speed
  • Easily read very small or truncated bar codes, so you don't have to waste time due to the patented Pacesetter technology
  • Cutting edge -patented Pacesetter- technology allows easy reading of difficult and very small barcodes, which saves you valuable time on rescanning.
  • Amazing feature... you can upgrade the scanner to include a scale feature, you'll have a scanner and scale on the same device!
  • Small size... save valuable space
  • Scanner Advisor light bar, so you can visually see whats going on
  • Noise alert to indicate unscanned items or errors, this will drop scanning errors to almost none
  • Scans a whopping 6,300 lines per second, the only way to scan faster will be to get a faster cashier.
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Who uses the NCR Scanner 7874 in Jordan?

sameh mall