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Hermes has been in Jordan since 2005.

Our passion and commitment is towards making life easier, introducing new technologies that will simplify this complicated world we live in, and make a real difference in the community and in people’s lives.

We strive to serve with the utmost of respect and the highest customer service.
Most important of all is that we have ingrained in the ideology of this company our unshakable and unwavering core values and beliefs we intend to keep true no matter the cost; virtue, integrity, and professionalism. We believe you deserves it.

Hermes is the NCR Corporation exclusive partner in Jordan, Iraq and Palestine.

Hermes in Jordan has teams with combined experience of more than 95 years, working with the retail, financial and the hospitality industries.

Hermes also offers consultancy for startup supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, and financial sector projects.

Hermes has been named the NCR Software Partner of the Year 2017. This is an honor, which proves the hard work and competence of the teams at Hermes.

We aim to become the most trusted, relied upon company in our line of business. This will be done by our absolute dedication to our customers and to daily growth and improvement.
We understand the current trends of the market we are serving and aim to accommodate the coming trends as they happen- not after. We are catching up to the 21st century consumer.

We work to give businesses the feeling and sense of freedom to be able to be able to keep their eyes focused on what they do best, not on redundant and timewasting work.

We aim to help the world by making the complicated simple!

2018 will be a year of transformation and unbelievable exponential growth that will shake this market to its roots. Our main purpose is to make a difference, both in the market we serve and the community we serve in.

The market is lacking true quality, new technology (that will make your life better), and genuinely great customer service. this is what we’re here to give you.

Why settle? Demand more! Demand the difference! We’re here to make that difference!

We believe in change, we believe in making a real difference.

We will make a mark that will resonate for centuries to come; we will better the lives of millions and will work tirelessly to do so. No matter the odds, and no matter the challenges we face. We will always keep true to our beliefs and stand strong.

Be the difference and partner with us.

We understand our market deeply, and know exactly what it needs, and we are working tirelessly to introduce groundbreaking technologies and solutions to meet and exceed our market’s needs.

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Every decision; big or small, must be in line with our core beliefs.