Security is one of the most important lines at Hermes, we have partnered with a security focused company (Space), offering the highest quality security solutions in Jordan.

An issue of main importance is currently the ATM Security in Jordan; these days banks are looking to physically secure their ATMs; ATM Guard solution from Space offers security in terms of alerting in case of fluctuations in temperature, altitude, pressure, vibration, and more.

Currently there is a focus on ATM tracking in Jordan, our Space solution provides ATM Tracking (Through GPS) with real time monitoring and real time alerts.

Authentication has always been a big part of any security system, the way to identify users are varied. We are introducing the finger vein technology for identification; demand for this has increased, as it is a very effective, fast and user-friendly way to identify users.
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October 17, 2017

Hermes named “NCR partner of the year 2017”

October 5th 2017 During the last ncr interact conference in Barcelona Spain, held in October. Hermes was awarded a very prestigious prize, the ncr software partner […]


January 15, 2018
atm thermal receipt

What are ATM thermal paper rolls?

There are two types of ATM thermal paper rolls consumables that must be replenished; the receipt rolls and the journal rolls.   Types of ATM thermal […]

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