NCR Compact Cash Drawer

NCR Cash Drawer Family offers a drawer for every environment

Every retail environment throughout the world is different and NCR understands that. NCR has evaluated each region and industry to ensure the cash drawer family not only supports those requirements but also completes your NCR RealPOS point‑of‑service solution. .
Offering consistency you can count on
To ensure the highest quality and reliability, NCR RealPOS Cash Drawers undergo comprehensive environmental and compatibility testing and are manufactured under strict standards. NCR places great emphasis on ensuring our cash drawer components remain consistent over time to support the longer lifecycles that retailers expect.

Developed with the highest standards
All NCR RealPOS Cash Drawers are designed to give retailers peace of mind, incorporating components such as an emergency release latch and a microswitch for drawer open detection. Since cash drawers require a high amount of voltage to accelerate the drawer open, NCR’s solenoid design helps protect the drawer and other POS components from high-voltage spikes.

Protect your investment with NCR’s service and support
Responsive global services teams can help you protect and optimize your investment even further, offering a complete portfolio of consulting, development, integration, maintenance and support services.

Key Features

  • Ease of operation for cashiers
  • High reliability; tested and qualified to meet or exceed 1 million cycles

  • Solenoid designed to prevent damage from power surges
  • Multiple till options

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