Paper Supplies

Paper Supplies

Hermes has large portfolio of paper supplies. Imported from Europe or the UAE, we only choose the best quality.

A4 paper sourced from Portugal, reasonably priced, and of the highest available quality.
Cleaning products for the ATM machines.
Thermal Paper rolls for ATM machines, thermal paper Rolls for the POS printers. You have the choice of printed or blank rolls. Printed rolls are used as an advertising medium for your customers.
We even have rolls for queuing machines.

Thermal ATM Receipt Rolls

  • NCR, Diebold, and Wincor standard specs paper available.
  • Blank & Preprinted Rolls available
  • BPA Free paper available
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Thermal POS Rolls

  • 63 Meters Long!
  • 3 - 5 Years Paper Achievability
  • Great Prices!
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Thermal ATM Journal Rolls

  • Very High Grade Journal Rolls
  • Trusted by virtually all banks in Jordan!
  • Delivery within just a couple of days!
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A4 Paper

  • Amazing Paper Quality, Portuguese origin
  • 500 Papers Per Ream
  • Unbelievable Prices
  • Delivery Times You Can Truly Rely On!
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ATM Card Reader Cleaning Cards

  • Reduce ATM Downtime
  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • straight from an ATM Manufacturer
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Queuing Machine Paper Rolls

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