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What is Aloha?


Aloha is a complete solution application that
is specifically made for, and used by restaurants.
It is installed in more than 200,000 restaurants worldwide.


Through Aloha, you can take full control of every aspect of your restaurant business;
sales, inventory, loyalty, employee schedules, reporting and so much more.


In-store or Cloud platform options

Suspicious behavior alert (Anti-theft)

Updated with latest technology trends

Our support professionals will be part of your team

Detailed reporting modules

Customize it for your brand

Manage it from your phone

Runs Online and Offline


Restaurant Software Aloha

Aloha is the #1 Restaurant POS software Globally… more than 150,000 Restaurants currently run on Aloha.

Aloha has been evolving for more than 35 years, based on the restaurant industry’s needs (updated twice every year)

You can use aloha to control your restaurant, avoid losing money on inventory thefts or any employee thefts, and give you the taste of freedom again.

Aloha is completely scalable, meaning you can use Aloha if you have 1 restaurant, or if you have 2,000 restaurants (even if they’re different brands).

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A Single Platform For All Your Restaurant Needs

More Ways to Order

Real-Time Reporting

One Point of Management

Customer Experience Management

Innovative & Durable Design



How it all started

Two years ago, Hermes introduced Aloha restaurant software in Jordan, Iraq, and Palestine. Ever since, aloha has been installed in some of the biggest names in Jordan.

If you’re interested in changing or buying a new restaurant POS System, don’t take our word for it, check out the raving Aloha POS reviews

With Aloha POS system, you can even have a mobile application to control your store, tablet operating waiters, loyalty module, and theft prevention modules, and so much more.

Aloha is truly a full and complete restaurant System.

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Smart, connected shopping lists

Store location

Smart, Dynamic, targeted promotions

Personalized shopper guidance

Multiple mobile payment options

Loyalty programs

Aloha will relieve you from
the pains you probably are enduring:

  • Difficult to use POS software
  • Possible employee theft
  • Poor kitchen performance
  • Very low control (the system is easily manipulated)
  • Low security on the system
  • Extremely time consuming
  • No control over inventory

Implementation Strategy

We serve all types of restaurants

Solutions Integrated with Aloha

many companies wish to integrate their systems with aloha, due to the huge amount of restaurants currently using aloha. the benefit of this is that you as an aloha user get these ready integrations – with world class products and services – without any effort. bellow are three examples of such systems already integrated with Aloha.


About It’s A Checkmate Integrates your POS systems with 3rd party delivery servicesCloud-based technology that makes tablets redundant, increasing savings and boosting your revenue potential. Eliminates errors caused from manual data entry of online orders. Decrease labor costs from manual data entry of online orders.

Seven Shifts

7shifts is an online employee scheduling software system designed for shift workers operating in the restaurant industry. The solution allows employees to check their upcoming shifts, scheduled availability and time-off requests from the 7shifts home screen using a mobile app.


PrimePay empowers small businesses to thrive by offering integrated payroll services, HR and benefits administration with superior support to back it.

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