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Aloha is the #1 Restaurant POS software Globally... more than 150,000 Restaurants currently run on Aloha.

Aloha has been evolving for more than 35 years, based on the restaurant industry’s needs (updated twice every year)

You can use aloha to control your restaurant, avoid losing money on inventory thefts or any employee thefts, and give you the taste of freedom again.

Aloha is completely scalable, meaning you can use Aloha if you have 1 restaurant, or if you have 2,000 restaurants (even if they’re different brands).

Two years ago, Hermes introduced Aloha restaurant software in Jordan, Iraq, and Palestine. Ever since, aloha has been installed in some of the biggest names in Jordan.

If you’re interested in changing or buying a new restaurant POS System, don’t take our word for it, check out the raving Aloha POS reviews:

With Aloha POS system, you can even have a mobile application to control your store, tablet operating waiters, loyalty module, and theft prevention modules, and so much more.
Aloha is truly a full and complete restaurant System.
Aloha will relieve you from the pains you probably are enduring:

  • difficult to use POS software
  • possible employee theft
  • poor kitchen performance
  • very low control (the system is easily manipulated)
  • low security on the system
  • extremely time consuming
  • no control over inventory
if you want to take your restaurant into the next level, give us a call and well be more than happy to help. Remember, the POS software is the backbone (and the nerve) of your restaurant operation.

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