Hermes has been servicing the restaurant industry in Jordan for more than a decade. Our clients range from fine dining, casual dining, fast casual, and fast food restaurants.

We provide restaurant software solutions- as well as hardware solutions- to make your life easier.

Hermes currently provides Restaurants with NCR brand POS Hardware, which is unmatched in its quality.

We aim to increase restaurant efficiency, make operations run smoother, to allow restaurant operators and owners to focus on what they know; making good food.

The restaurant industry is a cut thought business, many restaurants fail in the first year of opening. The reason for this being that no one understands the complexities and work that has to be put in to run a restaurant operation profitably day in day out.

We would like to take away some of that work and stress involved. Our solutions can make the restaurant operation much easier.

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Servicing more than 200,000 restaurants worldwide (with some of the biggest names in the industry), NCR has gained insight and knowledge on successful restaurant operation, and best practices to employ.

This leads us to the fact that our products have been made and enhanced in a way to solve restaurants nagging problems. Employee theft, too much paperwork, inventory losses, loss of control.
NCR Aloha POS Software does exactly that, help every department of the restaurant run better and more efficiently (from the kitchen to the marketing department). Its more than a restaurant POS software, it’s almost a complete restaurant management software.

The bottom line is we aim to get your restaurant running smoother, and more profitable

Restaurant Software Aloha

Aloha is the #1 Restaurant POS software Globally... more than 150,000 Restaurants currently run on Aloha.
Aloha has been evolving for more than 35 years, based on the restaurant industry’s needs (updated twice every year)

You can use aloha to control your restaurant, avoid losing money on inventory thefts or any employee thefts, and give you the taste of freedom again.
Aloha is completely scalable, meaning you can use Aloha if you have 1 restaurant, or if you have 2,000 restaurants (even if they’re different brands).

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October 17, 2017

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