The retail industry is a fast growing part of the global economy, and is evolving rapidly in current times. The introduction of ecommerce websites, mobile purchasing, web ordering. Many retailers do home deliveries now. The way people buy products is changing rapidly.

Retailers have to change to match these changes in trends.

Retailers have to constantly be on the lookout for what is coming next? what do customers want? Are they avoiding some of the things we are implementing?

Retailers have to work 5 times as hard in these times to catch up with the new age consumer that demands and expects to find what he wants. If not, as always there is a competitor that might have what they need.

Hermes is here to change that,were here to show you what trends are coming your way, what exactly do you need to change in your stores to please the ever changing customer.
What mediums are customers using the most (you might be losing out on this one) and how to tap into that money on the table.
What technologies do you need to employ in your stores? We can answer that for you.

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NCR has been and always will be the leader in retail solutions, NCR invented the POS, NCR has been on the pulse of this industry for more than 130 years! NCR knows what makes the retail store profitable and what does not. We know what trends people currently have, and what are the trends that are coming. We have this valuable information that can transform your store.
At the core of our retail line at Hermes, we provide POS retail solutions for the regional markets, Jordan, Iraq and Palestine.

Trends are changing, retailers have to change with them, Hermes is here to help and make the difference.

Retail Software Storepro

Currently 35,000 stores are running on Storepro DNA, including the largest global retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, Sainsbury…

Complete supermarket POS software that can help you run your retail operation smoother.

NCR introduced Storepro as the latest global retail application, and hermes is introducing this retail software in Jordan.

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October 17, 2017

Hermes named “NCR partner of the year 2017”

October 5th 2017 During the last ncr interact conference in Barcelona Spain, held in October. Hermes was awarded a very prestigious prize, the ncr software partner […]


January 15, 2018
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What are ATM thermal paper rolls?

There are two types of ATM thermal paper rolls consumables that must be replenished; the receipt rolls and the journal rolls.   Types of ATM thermal […]

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