Thermal ATM Receipt Rolls

Thermal ATM Receipt Rolls

Adopt NCR ATM paper rolls and enjoy optimum machine performance

NCR continues to be the world’s largest manufacturer of quality receipt solutions, producing a complete line of stock and custom colour-printed ATM paper rolls. These products meet precise specifications compatible with NCR and nonNCR ATM printers. Buy NCR ATM paper rolls and you can expect increased system uptime due to fewer media related failures, reduced costs due to lower service charges and increased customer satisfaction.

NCR has always focused on the total cost of printer ownership by qualifying thermal papers for use in printers. NCR’s unique paper certification process ensures that we provide the best value solution to our customers at the lowest possible cost. Customers can select the right product for their specific application from a range of highperformance solutions to lower-cost alternatives including 2ST™ two-sided thermal rolls and BPA free, BP free and phenol free alternatives.
NCR maintains seven FSC and ISO certified manufacturing locations around the world, so you can be confident we can provide the paper products you need, where and when you need them. Order all your ATM paper products from a single source and enjoy maximum performance of your ATMs during customer transactions.

Product benefits

  • Manufactured to FSC and ISO-certified 9001: 2008 standards
  • Precise specifications that are NCR-OEM approved
  • Global single-source provider for all ATM supplies (receipt and journal rolls, statements, inking products)
  • Coverage of all major OEM ATM machines

  • Wide range of thermal papers including 2ST™ twosided, BPA free, BP free and phenol free alternatives
  • Capabilities to transform large variety of raw materials including thermal, bond and carbonless papers
  • Lithographic and flexographic custom print capabilities

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