There Are Two Types Of ATM Thermal Paper Rolls Consumables That Must Be Replenished; The Receipt Rolls And The Journal Rolls.


Types Of ATM Thermal Paper Rolls

ATM Thermal Receipt Rolls

The receipt rolls are the rolls where the customer receipt is printed on. the ATM can continue functioning without the Receipt Rolls.

Receipt rolls can be used as a marketing tool, by printing on them (as many banks do) bank’s logo, as well as other marketing messages and images, these are called preprinted ATM Receipts rolls.

Quality of this roll reflects the image of the bank to the customer.

Customers might compare it to other bank’s receipts. It is crucial to have the bank’s receipt rolls at the highest quality in terms of color, brightness, and feel.

Other than affecting brand image with customers, the paper must be up to standards so as not to affect the health of the ATM Printer Head. because as you know it is very expensive to replace.

ATM Thermal Journal Rolls

Journal rolls keep a record (or journal) of every single transaction or action taken place on the ATM. The ATM will stop working if the journal roll is missing.

A major requirement for banks is to have their ATMs functioning 100% of the time. it is very importance to choose the best ATM journal rolls possible, because it can literally stop the ATM from functioning if it caused a problem with the printer.


Why invest in good quality ATM thermal rolls?


  • Improve operational efficiency

having high grade thermal paper, the ATM will have fewer failures related to paper, which means the bank will maximize ATM uptime.


  • Reduce total system cost

The bank will notice lower number of service calls on the ATM machines, and save money on parts replacement from jams as well as lowering life span and wearing out parts.


  • Improve customer experience

boost brand image with the type of paper rolls your customers see.


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